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Join this 3 month online group

  • Fortnightly 2 hour Circles on Zoom 

  • Designated Whatsapp group

  • Weekly Whatsapp check ins

  • 10 Men capacity

Expand your circle and create a sense of Brotherhood.

  • Be part of  a group of like minded men

  • A space for you to seek support and lighten your mental & emotional load

  • A space to connect and share authentically

  • Be inspired and motivated

  • Accountability through showing up

  • Learn through shared wisdom and experience

  • Create time for ritual in your own home

Join us:

Fortnightly Circles Tuesdays 7-9pm

Starting Tuesday 18th April

This group will have a 10 men capacity and will run for 3 months.

Investment £125


The men's circle has been one of the most important practices that I've implemented into my life.


From The organisation of the sessions to the actual space and the presentation of the circle are perfect and Daniel himself, as a leader and educator ensures that in every session each man has time to share what he needs.


The group also provides a certain element of spiritual education from scripture that allows us to confirm that the issues that we are having are also documented founded and fairly well validated. This provides a perfect balance of in the moment sharing and education. 


The sharing that occurs in the circle is something that men simply do not have the opportunity to do so elsewhere, so the circle provides that safe space, camaraderie and masculine environment that every man needs.


Something that I think is incredibly important, is that the circle allows for every man to attend the circle as he wishes. We are all welcome to share but we do not have to whatsoever. Some people observe and some people are at the forefront and I think that's very important in an intimate setting like this. 


If anybody was reading this testimonial and happens to have reservations around whether they should or shouldn't attend a mens circle, I would simply say do it!


My reservations were, at first, am I going to get on well with the men that are also attending? am I going to feel uncomfortable? am I going to be made to do practices that I'm not familiar with? 


The answer to all of that is simply not to worry. Everybody that is at the circle is already in the same boat because they've already chosen to seek that further support and  community. Everybody at the circle is truly welcome, no matter what capacity they want to attend in.


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