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Preparing men to step up as Healthy Masculine Leaders in their Lives & Relationships.


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To create transformative spaces and experiences to help men discover the leader within.

We believe that the world needs more men stepping up as Healthy Masculine leaders. Men that are balanced, self-aware, strong, and resilient, and that look to protect and to serve to ensure that all people and all nature are looked after and treated with kindness and respect in order for all things to flourish.

We believe all men are capable of this.


Combining Mindset & Lifestyle development and Menswork we support Men to discover this potential within and develop the skills necessary to develop and embody healthy masculine leadership.


If we want to grow and develop in life we must have a growth Mindset. We can learn from the good and bad. There are lessons in everything that happens to us, if we just look for them. We can then begin to develop a Mindset that helps us embrace all of life's opportunities and find the silver lining in every challenge.


Our Lifestyle should support what we want to achieve in life. Living in alignment is when what you think, say and do is all the same. It's often the "do" that lets us down. Addressing this will dramatically improve your sense of fulfilment. Our lifestyle is a direct reflection of our discipline and direction. We must have our house in order and tick boxes in all areas of our life in order for ourselves and those around us trust our leadership.


A man must learn to be present. To be mindful of people, places and things. The more a man is present the more he is able to be centred in his self. Life is to be lived in this very moment and although we consider the past and future we must only dwell in the present. For this is where action can take place and decisions must be made. Developing a mindfulness practice helps improve our ability to be present.


As men we need direction and purpose. We need something more than ourselves to serve so that we have a reason for being, a reason for getting out of bed and taking action. Men of service are more disciplined, centred, loving and driven. If we are not here to serve more than ourselves then we may get lost in self-indulgence. Finding that higher power and purpose whether it be family, community, people in need, the world or a higher power is essential to be a Man in his power.


I believe we can all be leaders in our life if we choose to be. Whatever the situation we have a chance to lead from our families & relationships to our lifestyle and work. There is always an opportunity to lead. This means having direction, purpose, being a man of your word and embodying all the qualities of a healthy man to model the behaviour and attitude we want to see in the world. Especially when it is hard to do so. This is a responsibility we can step up to if we make the choice.


Menswork is about men supporting men on their paths. Men who are committed to their own self development to be more well rounded and more emotionally intelligent. Gathering men who are willing to be open minded, to learn and to share their wisdom. Men who are willing and able to sit and listen without judgment, just a desire to hold space in support and to let you know you're not alone.

Menswork is about unlearning many of the lies that we have been taught growing up and discovering how we can heal our past traumas and move forward with more peace.

It is about doing the inner work so that we can show up to our relationships, families and society as more grounded maturer men.

So we can embody that centred, purposeful, decisive yet loving energy that is the King. Healthy Masculinity at its very best.


"We must face challenge in life in order to grow. This is how the masculine grows, through challenge. Challenging the Mind, Body and Spirit helps us become skilled, disciplined and resilient. It shows us ourselves laid bare and from here we can begin to grow into our truth and fullness as a man."




A sense of brotherhood is often lacking in many men’s lives. A circle of men who support you, who want you to win and who are there to hear you, regardless of what needs to be said. We believe in brotherhood as a necessity to thrive in life. We are not designed to go at it alone. Having space and men to share to creates this bond. Together we are stronger.


Learning skills and knowledge that assists us on our path helps guide us forward in life. Studying ancient Wisdom, Modern science and applying mindfulness allows us to become wiser men that are self-aware and have a skillset that enables us to succeed and thrive. Wisdom is  the ability to apply the knowledge we learn through education and experience.



In modern society we lack these components that were once ingrained in our existence. Connect to nature and a strong belief in a higher power. We have lost this. Bringing ceremony in our lives allows us to mark, acknowledge and celebrate different events in the year. Ritual allows us to form a structure and system that allows us to tick boxes on our list of things that we value.


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