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I help Men to develop themselves through a combination of Mindset and Menswork.

This allows men to step up and take

responsibility for their lives  allowing them to understand how they can influence what they can control and how better to allow and accept the things they can’t.


This is the goal of Make Ready Men is to bring men together and discover an awareness of many things that prevent us from living optimally and hopefully casting a light on a way forward.


A growth Mindset allows us to learn and progress in any situation. It means we believe we can grow and change and become who we want to be and regardless of our situation, we have a choice.


Menswork is about Men supporting one another to delve deep into the inner working of our mind and spirit. Together we look at what healthy masculinity is , we support one another looking at our shadows….you know the ugly sh*t most try and hide. From this place of support and understanding we can work through many aspects of our selves that have resulted in self imposed barriers being present in our lives.


Together I want to help redefine what healthy masculinity is and how to be a man in today's world, where hunter and provider titles are being left behind leaving many clueless on what is expected of us.


To become an authentic strong man is to take on ownership and responsibility of our lives. To help others, be confident despite our vulnerabilities and to lead with love even when it's easier to resort to hate and resentment. 

As a competitive Martial Artist and occasional Ultra runner, I believe in stepping outside of our comfort zone to develop our Mindset in order to get the most out of life.


With the strength of character to be open about our vulnerabilities and take responsibility for our lives, we can step up and step into our true power.

My motto is "Love first but Always Make Ready."
We must always love first but be capable of stepping up when we need to. I believe the roles of Men are more important now more than ever. We need healthy, strong men who can protect, provide and lead.


We need men to lead their families and communities towards health, abundance and unity.


We need need men to do the work and become better Men, Fathers & Leaders.


I know that it's sometimes hard to recognise when something is wrong. Mental Health affects us all, Including us guys whether we admit it or not. So as part of helping men develop their Mindsets, I want to advocate that people speak up and reach out if they need help.


Yes, it feels weird at first however, there is huge strength in being vulnerable and speaking about our feelings.In truth it is only when we acknowledge our emotions and feelings we are able to truly work on ourselves.For me, during the darkness of depression, by working with therapists and a mentor, that darkness became a huge catalyst for growth which propelled me on the path I am now on.

 If you think you need help then reach out to friends or family. I highly recommend working with a therapist if you can afford it and failing that there are some fantastic charities that provide someone to talk to.

Don't bottle it up, Things will get better, the clouds will pass. Have faith.

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