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Spoken Word: Seeking Unity

I first wrote a piece of poetry last year down at the Sharpham Trust Barn retreat in Totnes Devon. On the day of silence during the retreat I was sat writing and it just came out. I haven’t studied poetry or read much of it (you may be able to tell ha!) so I have no idea where it came from.

I finished the retreat by sharing it with the group as we had a closing circle where everyone shared something. Whether it was artwork, a passage from a book, poetry or a prayer. I managed to build the courage to share what I had written! (I can assure you that was scarier than fighting in a cage!)

Since then I have used poetry and spoken word to help express myself when I have lots of thoughts and difficult emotions to process. I have found that the creative outlet is really valuable and therapeutic especially now in lockdown where I have not been able to train in the gym to relieve stress.

Since the last few weeks have been pretty heavy with emotion due to the lockdown and the Black Lives Matter movement I have turned to spoken word again. My last blog on Separation went into detail on what I feel is happening at the moment and I have now expressed this further in the below piece.

I have written the piece below for those of you who prefer to read and I have videoed it so that you can hear it with the emotion and way in which I intend it to come across. I hope you enjoy it, it’s very much out my comfort zone but as with everything out your comfort zone that’s where all the growth is!

Seeking Unity

I think we're all just seeking connection.

In a world where communication and articulation.

Are losing the battle over snap judgements, fake news and polarisation.

In pursuit of likes, follows and maybe a mention,

In this fight for acceptance and attention.

We’re all trying to find our minions and our real tribe.

Who are at least open to our opinions and feel our real vibe.

Instead of the aggressive interactions, haters and trolls.

That we see every time we scroll.

Where is the compassion and love?

I feel We need some guidance from above!

Because We're drowning in this disconnection.

Heading to a dystopian civilisation and in this current situation…

It has shown Individually we cannot cope.

And in the lockdown yes, some of us became a little woke

to the physical manifestations,

of what the internet and society is doing to our nations.

We saw the truth that humanity

Is on a path to insanity

So please excuse my profanity.

When I say, wake the fuck up!

We need to buck our ideas up.

We need to reconnect to the love.

Hold ourselves accountable for our choices

That currently ignore all of the voices

Saying that we are damaging our planet and perpetuating inequality.

Which seems really odd to me,

That we choose wilful ignorance over acceptance and responsibility.

Are we really relying on the government to make the right decisions and act with integrity?

When they prove time and time again that they care nothing for our health!

More concerned about protecting the wealth

of the few pulling the strings.

But enough about these negative things,

Let's not get bogged down in conspiracy.

When the answers are more clear to me,

That it's in connection we'll find Unity

And yes, I think I can say with impunity

That a rebirth is needed,

And that idea has already been seeded

From equality to global warming

Let's together listen to the warnings

Let's together instigate a shift

In the global consciousness.

Like fire does the Phoenix

I believe the system can be recreated

rise up out of the ashes, into one much less hated

For the benefit for all

For all creatures great and small

For Brothers and sisters of the earth

For Mother Earth that gave us birth.

There may be some hope for us yet!

But I won't hold my breath.

But I haven’t given up yet.

I have faith born out of sorrow

In the hope for a better tomorrow.

But If not now when?

If not us who?

We just need change

We need to change

Let’s be the change.

Please, Just change!

I hope you enjoy the words in this piece. I hope that they may move you to some extent. I believe we are in a pivotal time in humanity and we have some important decisions to make.

Do we step up and take responsibility for our future, that of the planet and the future of our sons and daughters?

Or do we continue to follow blindly into a future that is being created for us by people who do not care about our health, our freedom or the health of the planet?

Every single one of has this choice to make, we can choose how we live, what we do with our time and the values we have. Whatever you have been led to believe, your actions matter!

If every one of us decides to change for the better, that is a huge unstoppable force of good! We are stronger together!

What can you do today to make a difference?

Stay healthy, stay positive and have faith! x


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