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What is meant by "doing the work" and why it's so important to do it!

What is "doing the work" and why it's so important to do it.

Doing the work? What does it mean?!

No, it doesn’t mean your 9-5 job that you do to pay the bills.

No, it doesn’t mean having a kale smoothie and some multivitamins every day so you can pretend you’re making up for the rest of your diet.

No, it doesn’t mean liking and sharing memes or motivational posts with some inspiring quotes and hashtags not implementing anything or changing. (Trust me!)

No “The work” can be done 7 days a week 365 days a year. Every waking moment is an opportunity to do the work.

Ok, great Daniel but what the hell is it?!

It’s going in.

It’s self-development.

It’s understanding, it’s learning and it’s growing.

It’s bringing awareness to how we think and why we think. How we act and why we act a certain way. It’s realising that we hold all the answers to all the questions if we just sit quietly long enough to discover them.

I believe it is a large part of why we are here in these human bodies. We are here for self-realization, not sense gratification.

Read that again.

We are here to know ourselves. Our true selves. Our true nature. To become both more than when we first arrived, but at the same time just as clear and present. This doesn’t happen by chasing senses, by instantly gratifying our needs.

Trust me I have tried. (I also keep trying and it’s not working!)

Doing the work isn’t pleasant. It can be painful, traumatic, hard work and man does it take a lot of time! Time to become as enlightened as we can, to live as loving superhumans that we have the potential to be.

This work is really important, let me tell you why:

Preventing Perpetuating Cycles

Do you ever find yourself in the same situation again and again?

Do you question why you’re attracting a similar type of person or lover into your life?

Do you wonder why you repeatedly find yourself struggling with money?

Or struggling with your diet and staying in shape?

Well, the likelihood is that you are attracting or manifesting this into your life. What we attract in our lives and what we encounter is often a reflection of what we are putting out into the world.

That can be either consciously or subconsciously.

So consciously. You may complain that you don’t earn enough money or you don’t have enough work. Yet maybe if you really sat and reflected on your actions you would be able to objectively understand why this may be the case.

It may be that you work inefficiently, you are sloppy, and your quality of work isn’t great. You tick down the time until you finish your workday so you can go home to do whatever is more important.

You might be blaming other people, colleagues, equipment or bad luck as to why this is happening but ultimately you are putting out negativity and low quality of work.

You, by your conscious actions, are ensuring you are constantly not earning enough money and not getting enough work. It’s not that the universe has a problem with you and it’s not bad luck.

It might just be that you’re not looking in the mirror and being honest with yourself. You’re not doing “the work!” and not doing the work is manifesting in your paid work being crappy and thus your income and lifestyle being affected.

An example of subconscious negative attraction may be that subconsciously you could be acting in a way that attracts relationships that are not serving you.

I’m sure you don’t go around thinking “what can I do now to continue having crappy relationships with people that aren’t good for me”! (Unless you are then just stop it you weirdo!)

The reality is that the common denominator is you. This reminds me of my friend who told me “There’s always a dickhead in the room. If you look around and can’t find him/her then it’s probably you!”

It’s stuck with me since.

Anyway. You get the picture. You’re attracting the person in your life and there will be a reason why. Such as it may be a familiar dysfunctional relationship that you are used to with a parent or family member.

You may deep down not feel worthy of a healthy relationship, so you subconsciously pick ones that you know are going to cause pain.

It may be that you are just attracted to certain qualities in a person which is a result of their unresolved trauma. This trauma then leads to other less desirable traits which result in a toxic partnership and painful breakups. (Guilty!)

See, the way to break these cycles is not to change the other person. It is to change yourself so that you start to attract people who are healthier and compliment you more. It is to change yourself so you break the cycle of poor pay and lack of work, lack of fulfilment in jobs, money problems, or whatever situations you keep finding yourself in,

The way you break these cycles is by doing the work.

Taking Responsibility and stopping the blame.

I often see a lot of blame and pointing the finger, especially on social media. The world is becoming more divided. People are setting up in their little tribal camps whether it be politics or dieting protocol (for example).

Then they sit and criticise anyone who opposes their beliefs. They fling shit blaming another group of people for all the problems in the world. Completely missing the fact that by their very actions they are increasing division, polarisation and negativity in the world.

They completely miss the point.

This might begin by addressing our outlook on life. Once we understand that our reality is of our own making then we have the power to change the reality we see. Once we understand that creating our reality and our lifestyle is completely up to us then we are in a position to drastically improve our lives.

It starts with the filter in which we view life. Is it full of abundance, joy and positivity? Or is it unfair and full of austerity and negativity?

On a subconscious level, our whole outlook on life could be one that is more negative. So if we are negative and we always see the negative in everything then we are likely to attract negative things. That is just the lens that we view the world through.

It’s kind of like rose-tinted glasses but instead of rose-tinted, they are shit tinted. You’re viewing the world in shit tinted glasses!